First, open a terminal. Since you can't yet do this from a menu (because you're only now enabling the menu!), get to it this way:

Click on Files > My Documents to open the File Manager. Then on the menu go to File > Terminal.

The Linpus Linus is using Xfce, so in the terminal type:


to get the Xfce Settings Manager. You need to enter that exactly - with the hyphens and with no spaces.

Click on the Desktop button to get to the Desktop Preferences and choose the Behaviour tab.

Now, under Menus tick the Show desktop menu on right click option and close the window.

The button to close the whole Settings Manager is off the bottom of the screen on the Aspire One. Either you can close the Setting Manager by pressing ALT-F4 on your keyboard, or you can press ALT and left-click on the window - the mouse cursor will change to a 'compass' icon and you can drag the window around the screen with the trackpad.

Close the terminal, and you are back to the basic front end. Now right-click somewhere on the screen, and a menu will pop up.

This gives you:

  • a quicker way of getting to the terminal for future use;
  • access to the menu into which any new software you install will put itself.