Installing Windows Vista requires putting it on a Bootable USB stick and Harga Smartfren andromax.

It will remove your ACER OS recovery partition from the Master Boot Record but it can be restored.

Windows Vista is possible to install on the Acer One Netbook. It must be a 32bit version.

Many can be found on the net if you look hard enough or go buy a copy. To start you must setup the

USB Stick to become Bootable. To do this first use a Computer that uses Vista and enter into dos mode

by using the CMD command. In this mode use the DISKPART command. Follow these commands

List Disk

Sel Disk # ( the disk # will be your USB drive)

Create par primary

Sel par


format fs=fat32



Then use an installation disk for Vista (not an iso file) and copy all files to the USB drive.

To boot to USB on the Acer simply press "f12" while booting up and choose USBHHD option and there you go.