Wireless dropouts using Atheros AR5007EGEdit

For Windows users, go to Device Manager -> Network Adapters -> Atheros AR5007EG, and change the power management from Maximum to either normal or off. This helps some users but doesn't seem to help everyone.

With AC power disconnected, still had connection problems when changing power management to 'normal'. I recommend changing the Atheros power management to 'off'.

Another solution that seems to help some is to update the drivers for Atheros WLAN-card (on Windows).

If you need to conserve power, you can turn 'off' the 'wireless' by sliding the momentary switch at the front of the PC (near the wireless LED indicators) to the right once. To turn the wireless back 'on', slide the switch to the right again. An indication on the LCD will tell you if the wireless is 'enabled' or 'disabled' every time you slide the switch.

AAO will not POST one day / Failure to BootEdit

Some Aspire Ones have been entering a state whereby the machine fails to boot. In reported cases, powering up after shutdown fails, even though the power LED remains lit and the fan spins. Acer has not commented about this issue, but is replacing units that have this problem. Alternately, a method has been described that may be able to restore such a non-booting machine by booting from a usb drive specially prepared to update the BIOS.[1]

Visit macles for info on fixing this.

This can occur frequently (I had it happen to me 5 times over the course of one weekend) if you have bios v3114. Recommend updating to a newer BIOS to resolve this.

Left SD expansion slot does not add to Windows storageEdit

This is normal. It only does this for Linplus/Linux users since it can use UnionFS.


When dimming the LCD down to minimal in battery mode, users have noticed screen flicker. This problem occurs on all versions (SSD/HDD, Linux/XP). Acer has noticed the issue and released a BIOS update to solve this problem by removing the four lowest brightness levels.Template:Fact


Users have issues with the wireless connection dropping out intermittently. They still see themselves as connected to the wifi network, but are not actually connected and require a hard reboot. The fix is to disable power save mode via the Device Manager in Windows XP.

Fan NoiseEdit

Some users report issues with excessive fan noise. Acer released a BIOS update, which fixes the problem.[2] Others have fixed it using software.[3][4]

Black screen after Resume from Standby / Suspend with Windows XP / Vista Edit

When trying to resume a Windows XP / Vista system out of standby or suspend mode, then Fan may spin up while the LED is lit green but the display stays blank and nothing further happens - one can only hold the power button down several seconds to cause a hard power-off and do a cold start.

This is caused by a bug in Acer Crystal Eye Webcam software. The workaround is to uninstall the Crystal Eye software using system settings / software.


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