Option 1: Using a bootable USB stickEdit

- Download the current BIOS from this website.

- Create a Bootable USB Stick

- Unzip the BIOS files to the USB stick

- Boot the Bootable USB Stick

- Type 3304.bat (or whatever the file is called in the future)

- Wait for the Aspire One to flash the BIOS and reboot by itself

Option 2: Flash from WindowsEdit

You can also use Winflash to flash the BIOS from within Windows. Download here:

Extract the contents to a folder, and copy the bios update file (for v3.304, it is ZG5_3304.fd) to the same folder as the Insydeflash.exe. Ensure you are running on both battery and AC power. Execute Insydeflash.exe and it will update the BIOS and reboot the machine for you. Press F2 on startup to check that the BIOS is updated.

DANGER - Do not turn off the computer or remove the USB stick in the middle of a BIOS flashing, or your computer will not be able to boot. This is called "bricking" because your hardware is now as useful as a brick.